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Well, here’s a fucking horror story.

My phone, like many others, has a removable back cover. This means you can swap it out for other cool colors and designs. I managed to get my hands on a bamboo one, which looks really slick and adds nicely to my already large pile of hipster points. The thing landed in my lap after a short three days of shipping time, and I immediately got down to business.

Despite following the instructions to the letter, removing the original back cover was hard. I think I spent approximately twenty minutes getting it off. In the process, I discovered that both the back cover and the metal lining surrounding my device are incredibly fragile. The metal now has numerous dents in it, even though I only used the soft plastic prying tool supplied with the bamboo cover.

After putting the new cover on, I boot up my device. It goes into fastboot mode. I turn it off and boot up again, only to be presented with the exact same. I quickly learn I am able to enter recovery mode, and see that all my files and everything are still in tact. What? I try again, and magically, it boots up normally. After booting up though, the device turns its own volume all the way up.

Turns out, the volume up button is not functional and sometimes registers as if it’s being pressed. It’s physically impossible for me to press the button, it just won’t budge. Take the cover off and put it back on again, same issue. Sent a mail to customer support, and they’re currently looking into it.

So I’ve fucked up my phone’s detail for a case with a broken volume button. Lovely.
~ Fang

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