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Steady decline.

Got off my lazy ass and got some things done regarding this summer’s trip to Peru.

Thank god I’m insured for vaccination. Otherwise that would’ve been another 150 bucks out the window. My health is important though (don’t want to ruin a once-in-a-lifetime experience by getting hospitalized halfway through), so this makes it important I insure myself against whatever kinds of nasty diseases might fly my way while I’m there.

There’s actually a group/company that has doctors that drive all over the country and vaccinate you at home whenever suits you best (and they’re nearby). Seemed like an interesting option, and their flexible (late!) hours made it a lot easier for me to pick a date, what with full work days being a thing again by then.

There’s still a lot of other stuff I need to take care of. I’ve got most of the travel/hiking gear I need, but there’s a few things I’d like to have on hand that I don’t currently possess. And I should probably arrange for my laptop to be taken out while I’m away as well, it’s got some graphics issues that are known for my model and I can probably get it fixed for free. Require this thing on a daily basis though, so I can only send it away while I’m gone too.

Still more than a month left though, it’ll be fine.
~ Fang

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