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There’s something really off-putting about watching television. Or worse, watching people watch television.

They just sit there, not really moving, staring at images being projected onto the backs of their eyeballs. They do not interact, they generally do only as much processing as required, yet they still shush anyone who dares interrupt. Commercial break? Most people don’t even zap away, they just suck it all in, consuming everything that the corporations throw at them.

My use of the word “corporations” there makes it sound very tinfoil-hat-y, but let’s be real for a second. What unique benefit does non-demand cable television bring these days? You can watch the news online, most American shows can be downloaded or streamed, and the things you can’t get on-demand usually aren’t worth watching anyway.

There’s also a television show here in the Netherlands that features a few groups of people watching other Dutch television shows. It’s kinda meta and I simply cannot understand how anyone ever thought it was a good idea. Worse, apparently it is a good idea, because it’s airing and people are watching it. It’s the “Let’s Play” of the television industry, except worse.

One of these days someone’s going to make a fully interactive television channel and it’ll be amazing but go very under-appreciated.
~ Fang

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