Fang Talks

She shoots bananas!

Let’s talk cartoons. Shitty cartoons.

You know the ones. Where the heroes fight off bad guy after bad guy. Series featuring actual monsters as notorious for this. Think Pokemon, Digimon, those kinds of things. The ones where they shout out the names of their moves. Every episode, they’ll have a new threat to deal with. They engage it, struggle against it, and ultimately defeat it. Next episode, exactly the same deal, with a different monster (and sometimes setting). Made plot relevant by mentioning elements from the overhanging arc. “Yeah we have to beat up that guy because he used to work for Villain X, and X is our nemesis!”

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Time is passing but I’m standing still.

In May (if all goes well) I’ll be working four days a week at the same place I had my internship. Gotta keep those connections alive and add some extra funds to the bank, because the month after I’m going on an almost month-long trip to Peru with a friend. After that, I’ll only have July and August left before, in September, the next school year starts and I’ll be doing my minor. That means as of right now there’s only two and a half months left for me to effectively work on my own projects.

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Did you know Pepsi used to make yoghurt flavored coke for a short while?

Whenever large snack food-producing corporations release a new treat, flavor or branding, and label it “limited edition”, I always wonder if that’s what they truly are, or they’re just testing the waters. I see absolutely no reason to spend months investing in the invention of a new snack and then intentionally keeping it on the shelves for only a few months, so the latter seems more likely.

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22 04 15

Internet drama

If you’ve been a bad boy, then that shit will catch up with you eventually.

Real life’s full of drama, and the internet is too. There’s just no escaping it, now is there? On the internet though, it’s way more witch hunting-y than normal. People are super quick to judge and choose sides. And in some cases, that’s for the better. In a community I frequent there’s currently a lot of bullshit going on regarding a small group of content creators that have partaken in vote manipulation. That’s some really nasty stains on their hands!

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21 04 15

Issue solving

“My code doesn’t run properly and it’s definitely not my fault!”

Nine times out of ten, it is. You just don’t know it yet. If you did, you could just fix it and it wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Sadly, there’s generally a lot of deep digging to do in these situations. I can know it, I’ve been stuck for days on (what eventually turn out to be) easy issues before. These past few days, too, but I finally found a fix. Deep sigh of relief.

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