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15 04 15

Original Content

In a world ruled by “looks familiar” and “I’ve seen it before” there is only one source of hope.

On most (entertainment focussed) websites you’ll generally find a bunch of recycled content. The same old images or videos making the rounds over and over again, decade-old jokes being dug up and thrown into the cycle again. Occasionally you’ll come across something fresh. A new opinion, something cool someone whipped up. And I’m not talking that low-quality image macro shit, that doesn’t even qualify as content, let alone original.

It’s the people that put in time and effort to make something clever that deserve the highest of honors. They bring fresh food to the table, without which we couldn’t survive. You could argue that with the advent of YouTube, image sharing sites, everyone can be that person. Well… yeah, I guess you’re sort of right? Something that takes five seconds just isn’t the same as a piece hours were invested in though.

I actually spent an hour or two tonight modifying vintage posters to include shitty inside jokes. Maybe I’m a little bit better at Photoshop now.
~ Fang

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