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What delightful anguish

Did you know Pepsi used to make yoghurt flavored coke for a short while?

Whenever large snack food-producing corporations release a new treat, flavor or branding, and label it “limited edition”, I always wonder if that’s what they truly are, or they’re just testing the waters. I see absolutely no reason to spend months investing in the invention of a new snack and then intentionally keeping it on the shelves for only a few months, so the latter seems more likely.

Still, it’s odd when they do eventually pull ’em. Sure, something new won’t be making companies as much of a profit as more familiar products do, but I always feel betrayed when my favorite odd flavor gets replaced by something more bland. Luckily, a few months later, a new oddity finds its way into the supermarkets, and we get to experience the same “learn to love and then let go” cycle all over again.

Now, I can’t say chocolate covered chips sound like a great idea, but there’s some gems out there.
~ Fang


  • 24/04/2015 (1:23 AM)

    Chocolate covered chips? Yeah you partake in the wacky tobaccy. Then again, eh, could be nice. Everything tastes better coated in chocolate.

    As far as limited edition flavours and things go; I wouldn’t be surprised if it was testing the waters. I don’t think they can say something wasn’t limited edition after all. They’d still have to pull it and then a while later say “This was actually pretty successful and we’re bringing it out permanently.” The exception is holiday based things, like green creme eggs for halloween.

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