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21 04 15

Issue solving

“My code doesn’t run properly and it’s definitely not my fault!”

Nine times out of ten, it is. You just don’t know it yet. If you did, you could just fix it and it wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Sadly, there’s generally a lot of deep digging to do in these situations. I can know it, I’ve been stuck for days on (what eventually turn out to be) easy issues before. These past few days, too, but I finally found a fix. Deep sigh of relief.

Problem here was, my initial diagnosis of the issue was slightly off. The issue appeared to be limited to when I ran my game on Android, but that turned out to have nothing to do with it at all. (Phew!) I discovered that by putting together a very bare-bones example that could demonstrate the issue I was having to, you guessed it, ask a community for help.

Armed with my newfound knowledge of the issue at hand, I formulated a clear question, supplied a simple example, and started playing the waiting game. Within an hour, someone had dropped by with a solution. One extra line of code, and just like that, my issue got solved.

It uncovered some awful nasty stuff in other parts of my code, but hey, at least I can move forward now.
~ Fang

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