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22 04 15

Internet drama

If you’ve been a bad boy, then that shit will catch up with you eventually.

Real life’s full of drama, and the internet is too. There’s just no escaping it, now is there? On the internet though, it’s way more witch hunting-y than normal. People are super quick to judge and choose sides. And in some cases, that’s for the better. In a community I frequent there’s currently a lot of bullshit going on regarding a small group of content creators that have partaken in vote manipulation. That’s some really nasty stains on their hands!

Of course I think it is only just for them to get punished for it. They knew full and well it was against the rules, but still went and did it. Despicable behavior, justly punished via public shaming and loss of viewers. But what if someone were to make it all up? Accusations, evidence, the whole shebang. They could potentially ruin someone’s career, considering how easily folks jump on the anti-X bandwagon.

It’s a dangerous thing, but as long as the community stays honest and critical, it’s a good tool to keep people on their toes.
~ Fang

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