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Or 20/4 if, you know, you don’t use a retarded date format.

If you occasionally catch a whiff of some pop culture or internet jokes, you may have noticed that today is 4/20, the international day for the celebration of “marijuana culture”. With the growing amount of States of America that have legalized medicinal (and recreational!) use of this surprisingly useful weed, there’s a lot less hiding and a lot more actual outgoing celebrating going on. And you know what? That’s absolutely terrific!

The widespread banning of the drug never made much sense. It’s been proven time and time again how all the propaganda being spread is full of lies and how the medicinal applications are very broad while the risk is pretty much non-existent. (Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still use responsibly though!)

Trying my best not to play the role of the “anti-anti-weed stoner dude” here, since I know it really puts some people off when someone comes on too strong on some topics, but let’s face it. The states that have legalized have had nothing but benefits from it. People all over the world are rallying for more widespread support, and Obama has said on multiple occasions that he is behind legalization. The group of people that’s very passionately against it is said to have a decently sized overlap with the folks that think same-sex marriage should be/stay illegal. Marijuana’s part of the “war on drugs”, and we all know how much profit that has given for its cost.

So here, finally, is my post about this. I support legalization of recreational marijuana (though medicinal would be an amazing step already!), in the hopes that one day people will no longer have to worry/feel guilty/live with an unjust stigma over enjoying something harmless in the way others enjoy they friday afternoon beers.

And for the record: Yes, I do myself partake from time to time. I live in the Netherlands, how can I not?
~ Fang


  • 21/04/2015 (2:16 AM)

    Make some cookies man. Get baked while you bake. Seriously though yeah I’m for legislation myself. I don’t think Obama really has enough time to go through with nationwide legislation now though. Not that that really affects you much.

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