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Never thought I’d live to hear myself say that, but there it is!

I am beyond happy to announce that I have officially registered a one-man corporation with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. After spending a lot of time last week figuring everything out and getting the initial plans set up, and then today spending over four hours filling out paperwork and doing all kinds of administrative work at the aforementioned Chamber, it’s official. Everything’s signed and now I’ve got additional rights and duties regarding my company: SSSoftware.

But what’s it for, you may ask? Well, you’ve heard me mention a couple of projects here and there. That’s what it’s for. It’ll allow me to make the serious bank I’ll no doubt be raking on. On a more serious note though, this way I’ll be able to officially fund my software endeavors meaning my personal life can’t get into trouble if I over-pay (or under-pay) my welcome.

Yes, there’s already something in the pipeline. I expect to be launching a public beta of my first product in roughly a month. Usage data and feedback will be collected, treasured, and put to good use. Further development after that point may take anywhere between a couple of months and a year, no way to say for sure yet.

Unfortunately this means that I’ll also be posting a lot less on this blog. I simply can’t afford spending as much time on it as I have been if I want my company to succeed. It’s given me tons of new responsibilities (though the chronic paperwork isn’t as bad as I had expected), but also a huge sense of purpose in my work. I’ll do my very best to make the most out of it!

Here’s hoping I don’t have to file for bankruptcy in my first twenty-four hours of existence!
~ Fang


  • 02/04/2015 (4:14 AM)

    I hear if you last a year you have a great chance of continuing. Seriously though major congratulations on legitimately starting your own business and doing all of this. Good luck with it all.

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