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05 04 15

Happy Easter?

For all those who celebrate: a very happy Easter to you!

For those celebrating despite not having any affiliation with the holiday’s religious origins: why? Isn’t it basically Yet Another Commercialized Fun-fest? Easter bunny, chocolate eggs? Pfff. I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade here, don’t get me wrong, but I myself do not at all feel compelled to celebrate anything. It’s an official national holiday so we all get the day off, but that’s it.

Here at home we’re planning on having breakfast together tomorrow morning, which is something we only do, well, once a year. Kind of a shame, really, but I guess I can say the same for all other “special occasions”. And I do. But I’m a generally salty guy like that I suppose, nothing really new there.

Maybe I’m just really bummed out by the fact that my dad said there were eggs hidden throughout the house, but he was actually lying?
~ Fang

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