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04 04 15

Fast food etc.

And other kinds of unhealthy, fatty foods that we all enjoy from time to time.

There’s something about fast food, fried food, and anything else you’d nearly instantly put on the “yeah that’s probably not the healthiest” list. They can be really tempting to eat, and really satisfying too. If you don’t have some bottom-bin junk then it actually tastes like something decent. But then five to ten minutes after finishing your meal, you start to feel a bit bad. Nothing really stands out aside from a slight feeling in your stomach you can’t quite place, but you know your body’s off a bit worse than before.

At least that’s what it’s like for me. I try my best to say no but usually I just end up grabbing a sack of fries or something anyway. Then an hour later I am reminded of my mistake by my body going “hey dude this ain’t chill”. And it’s right, this ain’t chill. Maybe it’s a mental thing, maybe my physique just isn’t built to deal with salt- and fat-bombs. Whatever the case, there’s something telling me going down on lots of junkfood isn’t healthy.

Luckily that aligns with most research, so at least I’m not experiencing anything super weird?
~ Fang


  • 06/04/2015 (2:39 AM)

    I think that’s a good sign that you eat healthy on a fairly regular basis. Like you, if I eat any of this stuff, which I sometimes do, I end up regretting it later. Sadly, there are a lot of people here who eat that stuff so often that they get immune to that feeling. They’re also probably the size of you, me, and my co-author put together. All hail ‘Murica.

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