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06 04 15

Cultural humor

I’d open with something silly about being a bit of a humor connoisseur, but that’d probably come over as either snobby or pretentious.

The whole “some things don’t translate well into plain text” thing isn’t what I’ll be talking about today though. I’m sure y’all know about that by now, what with this being the internet and all. It’s a somewhat related concept though. We all know that good humor can transcend boundaries like language and ethnicity, but that’s not to say there’s nothing good out there with a more specific target audience.

The first thing that springs to mind is inside jokes. You got ’em in all shapes and sizes, between two friend or across the entire world. The internet exemplifies the latter pretty well. Someone who frequents specific websites will be more likely to get a specific joke or catchphrase, like “do you even lift?” Keyword there is specific. Another person may very well also visit the web frequently, but browse a whole array of different website, where other jokes have caught on.

Moving back to the point of “cultural humor”, can we say that anything described as such is just an inside joke between lots of people who have a few things in common? Some silly Dutch joke involving cheese and prostitutes would make me laugh, but the rest of you wouldn’t get it. It has to do with my culture, but you can get in on it by studying that. Exactly the same thing you can do with smaller scale inside jokes.

You know what, I think we might as well label culture as a whole “inside joke”.
~ Fang


  • 07/04/2015 (1:53 AM)

    When you really think about it culture is pretty much just a giant inside joke of things that have caught on. I know what you mean though. Because me and a friend both read a specific story every time one of us hiccups it’s hilarious. It’s a joke you’d only really get if you read the story. There are websites where specific language should be used at specific times. There are a lot of things like that really.

    Although, seriously, jokes that rely on language never translate very well.

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