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Wherein companies bash their competitors.

It always appears rather… rude to me for some reason. It’s one thing to list the special features that make your product unique. It’s an entirely different thing to include images of a competing product in the ad, pointing and laughing at it for supposedly not being as good as your own. Besides, isn’t that basically admitting you’re the underdog anyway?

If I ever want to know how two products match up against each other, there’s plenty of useful review and comparison websites out there for me to browse. The whole shit-flinging that’s going on during a fierce competition for that extra 1% marketshare doesn’t interest me in the slightest. Don’t make me look at two products. Make the choice for me, and make it really, really clear.

Or maybe there’s some psychological/marketing trick in there that I’m just not getting?
~ Fang


  • 27/04/2015 (4:10 PM)

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious to see that kind of thing in our world? Like, a computer game that shows how much better it is than the other game? “Our competitor’s game has 3 DLCs, but OUR game gives you all of that content without charging you more. Wouldn’t you rather get what you pay for? Buy OUR game.”

    Or in our case, where we just compare our book to another book and point out how awful it is? “Don’t buy The Hunger Games. It’s littered with lazy adverbs, and it’s just a ripoff of Battle Royale anyway. Buy our new novel. It’s a completely original idea that doesn’t rely on adverbs.”

    So tacky.

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