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Now that my grand scheme has come to an end I can finally talk about April Fools’.

The start of the month April is always pretty crazy if you visit the internet a lot. Most all big websites you’re bound to encounter are trying to mess with you in one way or another. And that’s amazing! The very nature of the web makes it very easy to throw in some new thing, then pull it out when the day is over. The joke will be able to reach millions of people which is super duper efficient compared to your average offline gag.

And some companies/communities get so creative with it, too. Google allowed us to play Pac-Man in random neighborhoods on Google Maps, Stack Exchange gave every sub-community their own virtual pet to nurture. They’re just such fun ideas, some I would say would be legitimately nice to have around permanently.

As a company, April Fools’ would be a great opportunity to make an otherwise risky product pitch. If it turns out the people don’t like the idea (though the validity of these opinions should be taken into question because, eh, it’s April 1st) then just make it look like an elaborate joke. You’d need a somewhat absurd product to pull that off well though.

Any great gags you experienced a couple days ago?
~ Fang


  • 04/04/2015 (12:42 AM)

    I tend to stay offline during April Fools, or just don’t believe everything I read. I do like it when people do fun things like the Pac-Maps thing myself. One I read a few years ago was a story that in order to tackle obesity America was going to redefine how heavy a pound was.

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