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Is that a short joke?

Not discrediting these past three point something years, but I want to take it a step higher.

With that I mean it might be cool to run a “real” website, where I post well-written articles on topics that genuinely interest me and I have something sharable to say about (most likely programming and game development related things). Something that’ll gather a following because of the content, not because of my small circle of internet acquaintances. Something that I can show people and actually be proud of.

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Got off my lazy ass and got some things done regarding this summer’s trip to Peru.

Thank god I’m insured for vaccination. Otherwise that would’ve been another 150 bucks out the window. My health is important though (don’t want to ruin a once-in-a-lifetime experience by getting hospitalized halfway through), so this makes it important I insure myself against whatever kinds of nasty diseases might fly my way while I’m there.

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28 04 15

More exercise!

Recently I’ve been allowed to borrow an old mountain bike from my uncle.

And I’ve been putting it to good use! I’ve spent some time riding it through the woods these past four days consecutively, and it’s actually a lot of fun! I’m still getting used to the thing and the different way of biking, but I can cross most trails somewhat decently already. Gets me out of the house for about an hour or so too, which is super great.

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Spent some time today again helping an older friend of my mom out with computers.

At the age of seventy, she finally decided it was time to learn how to computer. She bought books on Windows 8 (shudder) and everything, the whole “I have no idea what I’m doing so please guide me” package. And you know what, it’s actually going pretty well. Aside from all the jargon, of course. Downloading is still an odd concept when you only barely understand how “websites” relate to “the internet”.

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Wherein companies bash their competitors.

It always appears rather… rude to me for some reason. It’s one thing to list the special features that make your product unique. It’s an entirely different thing to include images of a competing product in the ad, pointing and laughing at it for supposedly not being as good as your own. Besides, isn’t that basically admitting you’re the underdog anyway?

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