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Oh boy here we go.

First of all, let’s set aside the whole “muh input lag” argument against wireless keyboards and mice. For the majority of consumers, that shit’s barely ever relevant. It’s not like they lag for more than a fraction of a second anyway. That being said, all other drawbacks are fair game here. Connectivity, power source, et cetera.

Those are interesting ones though. Of course it sucks that wireless devices require a battery of their own. And generally, you don’t want it to just die on you. Ideally, you’d not have to worry about them at all. Charing pads you can drop your compatible device on already make things easier, but they’re generally tailored to one specific device.

How about a mat you could cover your desk with. It would charge anything on it, and everything near it would automagically be connected to your computer. Then all you’d have to do is connect the mat and purchase a bunch of compatible devices. Ideally it’d use a standard (or create one if there’s a lack) for charing and all that. (Though I wonder if it’d be possible to charge a multitude of devices at once through the same mat).

It’d solve a number of problems, but also (in the early stages) lock you into a specific peripheral manufacturer. Good for sales though?
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