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15 03 15

Wireless HDMI?

I have a dream. And it may already be reality.

My need for it started when I first fantasized about multi-monitor setups in which the displays would be spread throughout a house. Living room, work station, shower, etc. Cabling all that up is kind of a pain, but what if you could connect them to the main hub wirelessly using something like… wireless HDMI?

It’s already existed for some time now, but is now making its way into mainstream, affordable tech. Chromecast in an example of such. Basically a HDMI dongle that connects to your WiFi network and allows you to stream content to it. Though this is mostly done for specific media platforms (like Netflix, Twitch) they also apparently have an experimental option to share your entire computer screen. Amazing! (Though it appears to lag behind a second or three.)

Know what else is great, the Chromecast only costs 35 bucks. That’s way cheap compared to the competition that was on the market when they first entered it. Granted, I’d rather have it do its own communication rather than go over WiFi, but it’s a good starting point nonetheless. Will be ordering mine sometime next week, I think.

Still have to put a bit of effort into making some gift cards redeemable though. Idiotic how they set those things up.
~ Fang

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