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As it turns out, I can do way more on my web server than I had thought!

Many times have I complained how restrictive being on a shared machine is and how admin-level access is pretty much mandatory for installing anything big. Turns out that’s not actually the case. Yes, for some tooling there’s just no way around it, but I’ve found a lot of things can be made to work in just your part of the system, without requiring any sort of fancy permissions.

I came to this conclusion today after successfully getting the latest Java version running and installing a C# compiler and running an executable with it. That shit blew my fucking mind, I tell you. This opens up so many possibilities. If there’s a compiler for it, I can probably get it to run on my server. This gives me near complete freedom in how I handle server-side parts of my software. Feels great!

In hindsight I honestly have no idea how I ever thought putting a new compiler or something similar on there was an impossible task. It was a rather easy process, too. Guess that’s what I get for still knowing fuck-all about how CLIs actually work.

Hindsight’s 20/20, but the future doesn’t look too bad either.
~ Fang


  • 31/03/2015 (2:37 AM)

    It’s good having unlimited potential. You’d best do a lot with it though. Or it’s just not worth it.

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