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13 03 15


I told you about that quadcopter I bought, right?

It’s super neat-o. I’ve been getting the hang of it and can now fly it relatively casually while pulling off some somewhat slick maneuvers. Though you can notice it’s a cheap Chinese piece of plastic, it’s holding up pretty well. Some small issues with the lights and a problem with its balance, but nothing a good “squeeze it all together” or “reset it to factory settings” won’t fix.

While it’s small enough to fly inside, taking it outdoors is way more fun. You can have it speed across much larger distances, and don’t have to worry about hitting the ceiling. Theoretically, I can fly the thing fifty meters up, since that’s the range of its communication with the controller. Practically, however, it’s a bit of a challenge.

Even when someone closes a door near it the little copter experiences quite a bit of turbulence. To be expected, what with it being so light and all. Even when there’s close to no wind blowing, it’s still noticeably affected. When flying at higher altitudes, wind speeds pick up a bit. Today I couldn’t get it to move against the wind, even at full speed, so I had to quickly land it before it flew onto (over) the nearby road.

“Time for a bigger one?” Yeah nah. Though I was inspired to buy this by a demonstration using a more professional model, it’ll be a while before I upgrade, if ever.
~ Fang


  • 16/03/2015 (1:26 PM)

    I spent an afternoon with my friend’s quadcopter and felt bad for banging it into the walls more than a few times. I can’t imagine trying to master that while wind came into play. Plus, my dog is a master of fetch, and I’m certain he’d just Air Jordan it out of the sky and turn it into an afternoon snack.

  • 14/03/2015 (2:35 AM)

    To be honest you don’t really need a bigger one until you find a professional use for one. Or it becomes more of a hobby of course. The small one you have is good for flying for fun and that’s all you need one for right now.

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