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02 03 15

Tropic Thunder

I just watched a really cool “plot in a plot in a plot” movie.

Tropic Thunder’s a film about the shooting of the film version of a book written by a war veteran who served in Vietnam. The actors aren’t performing too well, so the veteran proposes some real-life experiences may aid them in their acting, which the idiot director is happy to simulate. Thanks to a bizarre sequence of events, they end up in a real-deal dangerous situation and will have to act their hardest to survive.

It’s even more cheesy than that description, features a large number of great actors and some of the most “parts and layers” plot layout and humor available. The whole just feels really well executed, the jokes are perfectly slightly out of place and the outrageousness in all the setups is simply amazing.

I rate this film eight point five out of ten, would write a hazy and vague review for again.
~ Fang


  • 03/03/2015 (3:32 AM)

    Having seen Tropic Thunder myself I can agree that really was a pretty hazy review, and that it was a pretty good movie. I should probably watch it again sometime.

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