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Having a bit of trouble again since I suck at following my own advice.

Yesterday I talked about my small struggles with connecting to my server from an outside machine. Support was quick to aid me and pointed out I have to explicitly open up a port for a specific part of a domain. Makes tons of sense, nothing really surprising there. But then I continue with messing around, and I discover my current setup is having a bit of trouble dealing with multiple connections.

Currently working in PHP, but it doesn’t natively support multi-threading which is something I think I may want. It’s possible to run Lua on the server, but that doesn’t provide native threading support either and I can’t just tack it on, because shared servers are (justly) locked down like that. I can opt for C++ but it feels a bit clunky for something as simple as my goal. I could do Java, but it’s not a language I like working with. And if I’m not comfy them why even bother?

So I’m a bit on the fence right now. I could try and see how things would work when I just go flat PHP, if I could maybe split things up. Have a script listening for connections, and then start a new process for everything that connects. Sounds a bit meh though. This isn’t my field of expertise, so it’s really tough making the right choice.

“Just pick a thing and stick with it.” Yeah but no.
~ Fang

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