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Not sure if I’m the only developer out there who wishes to do this…

When developing software, you often want to throw in a couple of informative messages like “Waiting for X to finish” so you can watch how your program’s execution flows when testing it, or perhaps notify you when an error pops up. The latter will generally also be included in finished software, to aid in troubleshooting scenarios. There’s multiple levels to this “logging” practice though, and if you take the effort to put the messages in there you can actually set up a very flexible solution.

You could potentially set up overly informative logging, that tells you whenever (in my case) someone connects to your server, what room they join, the actions they take, and so on. Something like “User #42 has voted to kill User #40”. Such information is of no real use to a developer, assuming that part of the program runs smoothly, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t super interesting.

I’d love to set up a successful product (it’s incoming, hopefully!) and have it write that kind of information to a file. Then someone in my room I’d have a monitor displaying every line being written to that file, in real-time. Just thinking about seeing the messages flow in makes me feel all giddy. Hell, I could even step it up a notch and make a graphical representation of it. The logs would transcend mere text and evolve into a user-fueled piece of artwork.

Too bad I have to make a product and get some users first.
~ Fang

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