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An accidental asshole though.

Remember how my websites were slowing down? How I contacted server support about it, and they said they’d tell the resource-hog to back off? Well I got an email this morning telling me one of my applications was taking up a lot of resources. I was the one causing the problems. The very problems I myself complained about. I was an unintentional douchebag.

Luckily they provided a fair amount of detail as to what exactly was using so much power, so I could relatively quickly come up with a couple of bandaid fixes. I cleaned the database again, removing any unused data, and set up a script to do that on a weekly basis. Additionally, I optimized the most common query by adding a broader initial check and an index on one of the fields.

Mailed them back, “I tried my best, hope this is okay, big sorry!” and they responded the application appeared to have calmed down. Phew, thanks god.

Sadly I ain’t ready yet to rewrite the monstrosity that is SSR2’s backend.
~ Fang


  • 02/03/2015 (5:10 PM)

    Crap, I hope this doesn’t ever happen to us. MSPaint hogs up a TON of resources. With all of the pictures we’ve posted, I’m not even sure how our website is still afloat.

    Kidding. Glad to hear your performance issues have been worked out, though.

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