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17 03 15

So many choices

Currently looking for a game development framework to use for cross-platform mobile development.

Mobile development? Mobile gaming? Never thought I’d ever touch those with a twenty foot pole, but here we are. I have some ideas, one of which I’m particularly eager to start working on. Already running into some limiting issues, but those will resolve themselves in due time. For now, I just want to find a nice cross-platform framework.

It doesn’t even have to be a game development one per se, considering the game I’ll be making is just a bunch of screens with UI elements, but to get all that to be easily customizable and tailored to the needs of my game, well, I might as well roll my own.

Having a bit of trouble following my own advice though. I always say, just pick something and stick with it for a while. But here I am, gazing upon hands full of options, and I haven’t made a choice yet. Some narrowing down has been done though. Since there’s quite a few tools available that allow you to use Lua, I’ll be picking from those and shoving the rest to the side immediately.

Easy language easy life.
~ Fang

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