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24 03 15

Simple assets

There’s so much you can do with so little, it’s amazing.

Spent the larger chunk of today working on that game project for school. I mentioned earlier how we managed to spice the scenery up a bit by throwing a bunch of cubes at each other and making it look like a heap of rocks. We got a lot of good progress in today, part of which was actual unique models for all the different kinds of units that appear in the game.

The things needed a slightly more unique visual identity than “cube that is slightly fatter than the others” and “cube that is taller and also moves faster”. So we gave them shapes! I hopped into Blender for the first time in ages (really should pick that up again sometime) and generated some basic shapes. Lowered their levels of detail, modified them a little bit, and wham, quick and easy low-poly assets.

Since we’re too low on time to make actual cool models (as we’ve always been), it’s a good thing we know this is something you can do when you’re not shooting for an impressive aesthetic or neat animation. Relatively low time investment for a decently high reward, the playing field is now no longer always filled with regular old cubes!

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with cubes though, but all shapes deserve some attention!
~ Fang

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