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Due to a future project needing some way to communicate with other clients, and the whole suite of connection-related tools missing from my skill-set, I figured it was about time I get my hands dirty with some digital communication. I’ve already used it more than I can count on a thousand hands, because hey, websites also communicate with the user. That’s all abstracted away though. In this case, I need to see to the entirety of the information being sent myself.

And it’s pretty interesting. I haven’t dug deep into the technical details yet (I hope it won’t be necessary, but the knowledge will always come in handy), rather I’ve been trying out an example or two. Currently have a thing that says “You said X.” where X is the message you sent it. Nothing fancy, I know, but it’s a start.

Problem is, I can only reach that from within my server, where it’s running. I’m still having some trouble with talking to the thing from an outside machine, like my own computer. It’s probably a security thing, they can’t have all ports open to everything all the time, but I couldn’t find anything about it in my host’s documentation. A support ticket has been sent and they’re usually pretty snappy, so I’ll continue with this soon.

Y’all have a fine weekend!
~ Fang

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