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10 03 15


The word isn’t in my spell checker’s dictionary yet, but in a year or two I think that’ll change.

Drones, quadcopters, whatever you want to call them. I prefer the latter term since it isn’t so awfully loaded (rightfully so, by the way). I ordered a really tiny one about a month and a half ago. Today, at the earliest estimated date, it arrived in the mail! Fifteen bucks and free shipping from China. Add a bit of patience and you’ve got yourself a great deal!

Naturally I immediately took to the skies and broke someone’s window with it. Or I would have, if I were a fucking idiot. I read (not just flipping through; actual reading!) the instruction manual (with its hilariously broken English), since apparently it’s “illegal” to liftoff without having read it. Then I tried getting the thing to rise up, and get it to land somewhat gently. It needed a bit of calibrating (and took a lot of practice) but after a while I could get it to hover somewhat stably.

With that under control, I moved on to moving. Forwards, backwards. Left, right. Cool! I could now navigate it around and land it on the table. Next up was rotating it, which I so far have only used for reorienting. Since the rudder’s on the same control stick as the throttle, I have trouble keeping it stable while rotating.

The battery only lasts five minutes at best and takes about half an hour to recharge. Looks like it’s done doing that though, so off I go!
~ Fang

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