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23 03 15

QR Codes

Oh, what a blast from the past, right?

Nah, not really. Nobody ever really scanned the things anyway. The core idea was… okay-ish, but the execution ended up being rather lack-luster. For starters, not everyone’s going to want to bother to download an app to scan QR codes with. Especially not when you encounter one on your way to work. Can’t stop to wait for the install.

And even if mobile devices with a camera came with a QR scanner installed by default, neatly integrated into the camera application, then what? Though they’re capable of so much more (would be if broadly adopted standards were in place) than just giving you a URL to browse to, that’s all we see being done with them. But unless you’re dispensing some absurdly long URL, it’d still be quicker to just manually type it into your browser rather than open the camera app to scan it first.

Worst thing of all is that some advertising companies are still foolhardily using them today.
~ Fang


  • 24/03/2015 (2:48 AM)

    I still see them every so often. I always used to wonder what they did. Then I found out that really, yeah, they just contained a link. Kinda cool to contain a link in a picture like that still at least. I still use my phone to scan barcodes but it’s just for my diet tracking app. I can save time putting food in by just scanning the barcode and what not.

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