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16 03 15

Pretty it up!

Spent some time today getting that game project for school to look a tad better.

Started off with a really bland “cubes and squares” playing field. It’s still just that, but there’s some neat-o decorative terrain on the sides and the lighting is way better, actually casting shadows, making colors more pleasant to the eye. And you know what, you can make some pretty decent looking things with just a bunch of randomly rotated cubes.

And that’s just the thing, all I did was make a bunch of cubes, rotate, resize and move them around semi-randomly, slap a couple of colors on ’em, and called it a day. The end result isn’t the grandest piece of art ever, but it’s nothing to scoff at either. It’s… stylistic.

I really like low poly 3D styles for that. Actual low low poly, not the “must conserve my poly count” kind of modeling. They always manage to make it look so simple, clean, yet still in an odd way detailed enough to get all points across. To get to that point though really isn’t as simple as the models end up being.

I’m already happy I can get some nice lighting to work on half-decent rock formations.
~ Fang


  • 17/03/2015 (11:17 AM)

    It’s amazing what you can do by putting everything together properly. When I read and saw that everything I saw in a game was just a mishmaash of perfectly placed random polygons it was quite the eye opener.

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