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04 03 15

Numbers games

Much to my surprise I discovered RuneScape 2007’s been made permanently free to play roughly a month ago.

Of course I jumped on it as soon as I saw that. Though I never got very far into the game, I have plenty fond memories of grinding away at all kinds of things back in the day. Gotta see those numbers go up, that’s what we play it for!
Honestly, I feel like a lot of MMOs and/or RPGs are numbers games. Your character’s stats, levels, personal goals, quest requirements… it’s all numbers!

Aside from the need to see what comes next, I think the numbers are a contributor to the will to keep up the grind. Yes, it sounds very abstract, but watching numbers go up can be immensely satisfying to some people, myself included. “Oh, only two more levels until I can do X!” And then when X becomes available, it’s used as a tool to get to even higher levels.

If you think about it, a lot of different games operate on the same principle. Those idlers like “Cookie Clicker” for example. Rack up higher numbers to progress and obtain even grander numbers, that’s basically all it is. Whether that’s a good thing or not, eh, I enjoy the numbers. The focus shouldn’t be on them too strongly of course.

Plus five to word count.
~ Fang

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