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I’m “working” (read: theorizing) on this local multiplayer smartphone game.

It’s like a card-based role-playing game, except enhanced with all the cool possibilities that come to the table when your hand is in your smartphone and everyone’s phones are connected. Pretty damn neat-o, right? That’s what I thought. Until I started thinking of the ideal way to connect them all. You’d say Bluetooth, and I’d say you’re right. But you’re also wrong.

In an ideal world, I would use Bluetooth. It’s in nearly every device nowadays and doesn’t require any additional setup. Besides, it’s made for what I need: local communication between devices. Sadly, there’s a bad Apple stirring up trouble. Yes, that Apple. Aside from limiting what you’re allowed to do with iOS’s Bluetooth functionality, they also completely restrict you from having it connect to non-Apple devices! Bunch of hooligans.

As tempted as I am, I feel it is unwise to exclude a fairly sizable group right off the bat, so I will (probably) developed for iOS also. But then how do I solve the connection thing? Only solution I’ve been able to come up with was do it over WiFi, but if I don’t want to mess around with game rooms and server-side junk, everyone will have to be connected to the same network. If that isn’t already the case, then it can be a bit of a pain for users to set up.

Such a frustrating issue, too, since it’s at the very core of my gameplay. Will have to consult some people about this.
~ Fang


  • Joey
    19/03/2015 (10:32 AM)

    Well normally you would use Wifi for this.
    If all connected to the same network you can treat it the same as a LAN setup, when all disconnected, the hoster of the group can setup a wifi hotspot (which is also doable to implement in your app). Works on every system and gives the fastest transferrate.

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