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06 03 15

LAN party!

Going to my very first LAN party tonight, woop!

For the unaware, a LAN party is basically a party where everyone brings their own computer/console, and we all play games until the sun goes down and rises again. We’ll also be hosting a little tournament for the three most popular games, which according to the latest poll, will end up being Smash Bros., Mario Kart and League of Legends. Things I’m fairly familiar with, luckily!

The event organizers have hired a large room from a company, which also happens to be interested in us, the students. So there’ll also be a little networking involved early on. Exciting!

I’m bringing my Wii and a couple of games, and others are bringing their GameCubes, PlayStations, and of course everyone will be there with their laptops etc.

Going to be a fun night!
~ Fang


  • 09/03/2015 (11:33 AM)

    I hope you had fun. I haven’t been to a LAN party before and I think they’re getting rarer and rarer these days. I wish I’d taken the chance to go to one but I’ve never really had enough friends.

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