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05 03 15

Deserved wins

I just watched on of the most intense games of League I’ve seen all season.

One of my favorite teams (as far as I have favorites) was slowly falling behind during the first twenty, twenty-five minutes of the game. For the next forty minutes they slowly managed to climb their way back, very carefully taking the opportunities they could take, and making the best of the unavoidable losses. After, they got extremely close to winning, but they lost an important fight and, in turn, the game.

After their slow but steady comeback I was hoping, more than ever, for them to win this. They played it so well, they made near zero strategical mistakes, yet one misplayed fight lost them the game. The other team did a good job pushing their advantage early on, but they didn’t make all that many great plays.

So looking at the way they played the game, I’d say my team deserved at more, even after setting aside my obvious bias. Yet they didn’t and that sucks. Is this enough reason for there be an award for “most undeserved loss”?

Would also be a quick way to find interesting games to watch.
~ Fang


  • 06/03/2015 (4:28 AM)

    To be honest I’m not sure a win is ever really deserved, depending on how the team did of course. If they had won it would have been a well deserved win. In the end they tried their best but had a screw up. It lost them the game. I guess you can have an undeserved loss though. One mistake blew it for them and that’s a shame.

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