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Whenever I feel bad about myself I can cheer up by realizing there’s someone out there who makes those horrible 3D animated commercials for a living.

There’s a lot of stupid, aggravating and downright weird stuff out there. Commercials, products, rules. But it all just turns so silly when you realize someone, somewhere has designed that product or approved that slogan. Especially when some ungodly double entendre appears as part of the company’s branding. Were there people who let that slip by intentionally, or was everyone on the board just too simple?

Let’s not forget the very tiny things that also have to be taken care of. Actually no, scratch that. Most of those kinds of things have already been automated. Back in the day though, there used to be people whose job it was to go around collecting buckets of bodily waste from everyone’s houses. Imagine that!

I just can’t get over the silly products though. Someone, somewhere thought it was a good idea to make a cover for your laptop that extends onto your head. Someday someone woke up and said, “today I’ll invent a muff for the nose”.

Someday someone decided to make this blog. What an idiot, right?
~ Fang


  • 20/03/2015 (3:46 AM)

    In terms of double entendres there’s actually a furniture shop near me called “Live With Wood”. All their furniture is wooden so it makes sense, but who can take a name like that seriously?

    Normally when I see something completely retarded like the selfie stick or the laptop hood, I feel angry. Then I feel sad I didn’t come up with it. I need an idea to cash in on the stupidity of others.

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