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Row row, fight the power!

Talking about places like YouTube and Medium, those kind of things.

They’re generally great platforms in that they allow lots of people to make a living off the content they can serve there. Cool stuff, lots of new jobs on the market and all that, but the content creators are so dependent on those distributers. If YouTube chooses to not show your new video in the inboxes of half your subscribers (which they have actually done a couple of times) then you essentially lose half your income for that piece of content.

And that’s kind of spooky, isn’t it? There’s nothing stopping host websites from just saying “nope, y’all are out” and basically kick their “employees” to the curb. They wouldn’t do that of course, since they also profit from the content on their site, but it could be happening on a small scale.

Because of this, you see lots of content creators spreading out to different avenues of publication and income. Not instead of their current outlet, but in addition to. It’s a development I enjoy seeing, as this will (given some time) mean we as consumers have a wider variety of places to choose from when we decide where we want to get our content. And that choice won’t even be related directly to the content anymore! This encourages distributers to be better (especially consumer-facing, but also producer-facing) so they can out-profit the competition.

Interesting developments. Let’s see how they pan out.
~ Fang


  • 28/03/2015 (1:09 AM)

    There are a number of Youtubers who have started fighting some of the ways that Youtube operates. It’s good there are a lot of different distribution options. I can tell you that as a podcaster; the more platforms we’re on the better.

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