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08 03 15


In some games, players may be driven to the (usually illegal) play method of botting, letting a script or other application do all the work for them.

Generally I don’t support those kind of activities, especially if it involves gaining an easy and unfair advantage over other players (single player games are free play for obvious reasons). Today I’ve done a bit of looking into things though. I needed a tool to automate an unrelated task, and came across something that could do mouse events and keystrokes depending on the imagery that was on screen. You could supply it a screenshot of a button for example, and it would click it as soon as it became visible.

Now that’s some neat-o technology, right there. And it would be a perfect fit for automation some boring task in a game which I can’t get around due to silly new player restrictions. Turns out it’s not as easy as it seemed at first glance, since there’s a lot of things that could change what’s being displayed. A change may cause the program to stop recognizing certain elements, hindering it in the process you set it up for.

No denying it’s all still mighty interesting though, and the practical applications are oddly tempting.
~ Fang

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