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11 03 15

Borderline sick

Know that feeling when it’s noticeable your body isn’t it normal self, but the difference isn’t big enough to be a real issue?

It’s sickening. Apparently something flu-ish has been making the rounds lately. A teacher already had to take a day off, and the next lesson a couple days later he still wasn’t fit enough to give his lecture. Some of my friends have been falling a bit ill as well, and now I’m starting to too!

There’s a sore throat, coughing, a general feeling of coldness, slightly lessened appetite. Fairly common symptoms, but maybe I’ve just caught a bit of a cold. I feel like there isn’t much to worry about, despite the fact that I feel a bit shitty. It’s just really annoying when you know you have something, but it’s only partially or subtly there. Either give me the full experience or let me be, I don’t like this wishy-washy half-half bullshit.

I never get sick though, so I’ll be fine! It’s not like I’m already bedridden so recovery from this minor bump will be easy.
~ Fang

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