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20 03 15

Being tech savvy

What a huge blessing it is.

Discussed this with a friend today. It’s such a huge blessing in today’s world to be tech savvy. That way when things break down a little bit or you have special needs, you are not always entirely at the mercy of huge corporations and their often sub-par customer service. You are more capable to exercise your freedom to do whatever you want with the device you bought.

And that’s really liberating, you know? I can’t imagine a life in which I am not at least half decent at working with computers. Of course that’s also because they’re heavily involved in my favorite thing to do, but even when putting that aside. Tech is used everywhere for everything. Knowing how it works is the lube for your passage through the world.

I’m really tempted to continue that analogy, so let’s just wrap this up.
~ Fang


  • 23/03/2015 (2:41 AM)

    I’m not the best when it comes to computers but I can usually find answers. Like the time I accidentally locked myself out of my computer and booted it from a Linux live disk to change the password and regain access.

    That was a good day for me.

  • 23/03/2015 (12:09 AM)

    Amen to that. I just can’t believe there are people that take their computers to get fixed, and spend hundreds of dollars on a ‘repair’ that takes 1 quick Google and about 10 minutes of work. I mean, it’s not always easy, but it’s also not like trying to replace the transmission on your car by yourself.

    • 23/03/2015 (1:41 AM)

      Thing is, Googling is a rather complex skill in and of itself.

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