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I only have two days with mandatory in-school attendance. Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Sounds just peachy, doesn’t it? Well yeah it is. Or it would be, if there wasn’t a lot of work you need to do outside of class. Maybe it isn’t all that much, but I’m also still working on documents relating to my internship, so that’s taking up some time. And then I have to juggle that with some boring paperwork homework I postponed, a feature I intended on adding into the prototype, etc.

Oh man that fucking paperwork course. “Doing research” is literally the title of it. I’m not all that interesting in doing research, I loathe writing formal documents, and skimming through papers feels like wading through hot glue that’s been left to cool for a minute or two.

The game development in Unity course is still fun, but it irks me that I have no idea what the architectural best solutions to things are. We’ve only implemented to core right now and the code’s already becoming a fucking mess. Need to set up some guidelines, but even then, Unity exposes/requires exposure of so much that proper good encapsulations feels really hard.

Maybe we should move it back to the drawing board real quick.
~ Fang

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