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25 02 15


Ah, the essence of ones online identity.

At least, that’s what it feels like to me. Apparently not everyone attached such a high value to their chosen alias. For me though, it’s got a history of its own. One I won’t go into today, because this isn’t about “Fang”, it’s about usernames in general and the “essence” they radiate.

When you play an online game and you run into “cocksucker69”, then there’s going to be a couple of assumptions you’ll be making right off the bat. Whether those are correct or not can not be determined unless you actually engage in meaningful conversation with the person, but already you’re (consciously or not) changing the way you interact with them. This seems obvious for names like the one I mentioned, but what about the more subtle, seemingly meaningless ones?

They don’t speak to people as strongly. Sure, “Bart” is a fine username, but all it shows is the name you want to identify with, nothing more. Does the make people less likely to notice or remember you? Does this make it easier for others to interact with you naturally?

What are the implications of the kind of username you choose to bear, I wonder?
~ Fang

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