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09 02 15

Unity 3D

So, it’s been a while since I last touched that thing. Well over a year ago.

Way back when I first started out with game development, Unity 3D was pretty much the first thing I tried. It appeared widely praised for how easy it was to get some basic things set up, and its widespread use meant there was a lot of resources available for it. And that was the case. It was fun for a while, I tried some things out (like a tower defense game and procedural terrain generation, which was absolutely radical), but eventually moved onto sweet precious LÖVE. It caught on, and 2D appeared to be more my thing anyway.

At that time, looking back, I didn’t really appreciate Unity. I don’t know if the whole 3D aspect put me off, or if I was just salty I never finished anything real with it. Whatever the cause, I never thought too fondly of it, and didn’t go back until today. Why? The Game Technology course I’m following uses Unity for game development.

You know what? We spent six and a half hours setting up relatively basic things, but it felt decently good. The whole “let’s shove physics down your throat” thing isn’t even that bad once you realize you just have to remember to check a single checkbox. And now that I’ve actually done it a couple of times myself, it’s really nice to have Unity handle all the basic engine stuff for you. Some things are still a bit weird, it’s definitely a new way of thinking (what with relatively tight integration between the Editor and the code), but also a fun new challenge on my path.

Speaking of challenges, the 3D modeling (3DS Max) course starts tomorrow.
~ Fang


  • 10/02/2015 (1:08 AM)

    Nothing wrong with new challenges. Now you can get around to doing something with Unity in 3D and finishing up your business with it. At least you have some experience going in to this thing as you used it before.

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