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17 02 15

Silly bugs

I’m not talking Goat Simulator or anything, get that crap outta here. (While fun, it’s a curse for the industry.)

Today during class, the teacher was trying to demonstrate some of Unity’s built-in physics features. Cool stuff, but then he went and forgot changing one little setting. And suddenly our very basic Space Invaders clone had the player’s ship going up up and away every time it fired a shot. Laughs ensued, the teacher messed around with it a little bit.

When they’re not super duper frustrating, bugs like that can be really quite fun. It’s part of the development process (making mistakes), but can serve to lighten the mood as well. Sometimes new mechanics may even emerge from such mistakes, though that’s generally not to be expected.

And as much as you have to record progress, record these kinds of things too. People love seeing them because they’re fun, so it makes good hype building!
~ Fang


  • 19/02/2015 (1:21 PM)

    Just make sure they’re out before the final game because people hate bugs. Unless they’re hilarious and don’t break the game. I actually rarely ever run into bugs in finished products. Even in games other people have condemned as “Buggy as shit”. If you can have fun then it can definitely lighten the development process.

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