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I’m not the most fit kid on the block yet, but at least I don’t feel like utter fucking shit most of the time?

Only a single week of school has passed so far, but I’m already starting to get cautiously optimistic about the whole RSI situation. It’s still far from great, and it may just be that I haven’t been doing fuck all the past few days (except for finishing my internship report and doing the first few homework exercises). In fact, physical pains are still fairly regular and my neck continuous to be stiff. But my daily workload has lowered considerably, and that’s definitely helping.

Definitely not going to make any bold claims here and say this will make it all go away eventually. I don’t want to hype myself up enough to start working on hobby projects just yet either, as tempting as it may be. That said, potential for a “not the worst-case scenario” scenario happening should definitely be acknowledged. Gotta focus on those highlights, you know?

We’ll see how the coming weeks goes, when there will be a bit more going on, more representative of the average week for the next half year.
~ Fang

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