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The post you're reading right now is a prophecy.

So I went to the therapist today. I have not been sentenced to a life without sweet, precious computer.

Next logical step in my Suffering Adventures was to seek professional advise and/or help. Had the first appointment today and… not much happened? Got asked a bunch of questions about how my internship went, how my studies are going, if there’s any trouble at home, etc. Idea here was that, aside from physical causes, mental stress can also give me my symptoms.

I haven’t been doing too bad though, all things considered. The internship was fun and went well, my studies aren’t stressing me out, especially not now that I’ve postponed most of it. And the home situation? Best described as “average household”, aka, nothing big going on.

Now there’s a second appointment scheduled for coming Monday, when we’ll “do some research”. Hope that doesn’t include a cavity search?
~ Fang


  • 20/02/2015 (1:27 PM)

    I can’t imagine them giving you a cavity search for RSI. Now they may ask YOU to do one to test your arms. Seriously though I’m glad it’s not too bad and I hope things get better soon. You make me wonder why I’ve never gotten RSI or a similar condition.

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