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I’ve written quite a bit on eSports already, but after watching today’s LCS matches, I have something new to add.

Never have I really watched sports on television, but I’ve caught some glimpses of it here and there and saw some montages on the internet after a big event. There’s a couple of standard “ingredients” you’ll find in most every televised sport. Overlays, replays, generally pumped up commentating style.

Competitive gaming has all of that, too! Even the default “whoosh” sound effect when the logo covers the screen for a second to transition into a replay. The casters are always very active and not afraid to throw a little bit of personality in there as well. Really cool stuff.

It has dedicated fans for teams too, but that’s a slightly different topic.
~ Fang


  • 23/02/2015 (2:48 AM)

    Esports have pretty much everything that regular sports have. In a way they fashion themselves as real sports and that’s a plus that gives them a lot of credibility.

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