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Be mindful of who you bare your fangs at, son.

There is no hope for me from this point onward.

So I caved in and am finally getting my hands dirty with some mobile development (for Android, because accessibility). It’s… something different, if only slightly. I always told myself and others chances were very, very slim that I’d ever develop for mobile, if they even existed at all. Well, here I am, making shitty calculator apps and broken logging services for learning purposes. I am a dirty boy. Time for me to take a shower.

Reason I used to say I’d never get started on mobile was because the platform as a whole seems like such a toxic environment. You know, consumer-wise. Though I can’t speak from a publisher point of view, mobile seems way more hit-or-miss, where with desktop your userbase would find you eventually, as long as you don’t have a shit product.
But now that I’ve got a smartphone of my own (still disgusted with myself, but hey, what’cha gun’ do?) and see what’s out there, I feel like I can compete. Hell, it’s not even that (I don’t develop for the fame or money), it’s more that for some purposes, there’s very little out there that meets my specific needs. So then I go and “it can’t be that hard” make one myself, and release it for the general public to access because “might as well share my hard work”. (Hey, my developer motivation, there’s a solid post for future use!)

Well, I’m taking small steps since I don’t want to over-exert myself, so I’ve got plenty of time to reconsider.
~ Fang

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