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26 02 15

Load times

I may have bitched about users being super impatient, but if a page takes longer than three seconds to at least partially load then there’s no saving you.

Yet that’s something I’m running into right now. All of my websites appear to be loading rather sluggishly, for no apparent reason, too. If this is still happening come tomorrow morning then I’ll pass it by the host’s customer support in the hopes that they can get it checked into. For now it’s kind of annoying though.

But imagine having to keep these kinds of things in check yourself instead of being able to go to your host and ask for a fix. Hell, imagine running such a resource-heavy web application that you absolutely need to squeeze every little bit of performance out of every feature. That’s pretty tough, especially if there’s very strict and tight “ideal” numbers on that.

And to top it all off, have your user-base moan and whine when it’s half a second off. Not pretty.
~ Fang


  • 27/02/2015 (3:58 AM)

    Every so often I take a look at my site and see if there’s anything else I can trim out. I doubt mine could ever be as quick as this. Hard to believe such a bare bones site like yours could have slowdown.

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