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05 02 15

Internet hog

Please don’t be that person.

A month or two ago our new neighbors asked if they could borrow our WiFi, since theirs hadn’t been installed properly yet. Yeah sure, no problem, we’re pretty cool about those things. They get their own set up completely and thank us with a home-made cake. Sounds pretty perfect, right? Yeah, it was. Until I saw their iPad still in our router’s logs earlier today.

Now I’m not sure if it’s still there because the router hasn’t seen any downtime since then, or if the thing was actually connected at the time of checking. We’ll find that out soon enough, since I just rebooted the thing. Whatever the case may end up being, I want you to know that using other people’s WiFi without permission is not a cool thing to do. Yes, we could’ve just changed the password or something, but that doesn’t mean leaving our network isn’t the polite thing to do.

Not to mention safety concerns. Hell, I’m still planning on setting up a router broadcasting an unprotected network just to see what kind of information I can get my hands on. Not to exploit that, but just to see how much power that really brings.

Remember kids, the internet is somewhat like sex. Use protection!
~ Fang


  • 06/02/2015 (2:16 PM)

    I’m still not really sure how to check my router logs like that. But I have seen the data and things you can get at an open WiFi spot. I’d say it’s surprising but it really isn’t. I do recommend changing your password though. For safety if nothing else.

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