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28 02 15


For a multitude of reasons it tends to be fairly cold in my room during most of the day.

And when the blood flow in your arms isn’t that great to start with, you end up with really cold hands. So I decided to “fuck it, I’m not planning on getting anything done anyway”, and dug up a pair of old gloves where only the thumb and index finger are fingerless. They’re been really used up, so they’re fuzzing out all over the place and actually kind of itchy, but they still manage to keep my hands warm.

Problem is, I also require my middle finger to be open for most computer interaction, and even then the fingers that are covered by glove distort the feedback my keyboard is giving me to such a degree that I can not use it and be confident in my accuracy. It just puts me off.

Maybe I should look into a nice pair of fingerless gloves, where the fingertips are only barely exposed, providing them with just enough room to give accurate feedback on things and be useful in general. Warm hands are good to have after all and can only aid me in my struggles, right?

Maybe I should get long ones, to keep the underarms comfy as well…
~ Fang

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